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Oh and Up you go baby girl

Oh and Up you go baby girl

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6 August, 2012 with 2022 Notes
Anonymous said: i've been a bad girl ;) please rape me

She was a bad girl and knew that very well, she needed to be punished and I was going to give her this punishment, I slapped her across the face and I tell her to eat my cock, she takes it full. All of me is inside of her mouth I can see her face going red from it as she looks like she’s about to pass out. I pull it out and i call her a filthy naughty little whore as I tell her to go down on all 4 like a filthy bitch in the heat, she does as I command and I tell her to spread her fucking ass apart and prepare herself for the fucking of her year.

She knows she deserves the punishment and she does exactly as her master tells her to do, she spreads her ass apart and he aggressive rams his cock in her pussy going all in and out as he slaps her ass and scratches her back, she’s yelling and screaming she loves the pain as he puts a finger in her ass and she can feel it tightening for every slam he makes. She’s so wet her filthy juices fall on the floor as he proceeds to fuck her so hard that so can soon not feel her crotch area, it is going numb from the beating it is taking, he turns her over to see her face as he fucks her harder and deeper he puts his hand down on her pube area as he continues fucking her, he’s pushing down so hard he can feel his cock through her skin on his hand, he tells her hes about to cum and she better prepare herself to take care of her master she says “Yes, Sir!” like a good little slut and alll of a sudden he pulls it out of her, she gushes and he puts his cockhead against her ass as he releases his load in her ass.

Not sure if you actually meant like a real rape story or not but I hope this works?

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