I'm a 20 year old straight guy and this is my pornographic blog.

I have a submit page where you can post your nudes or semi nudes & I’ll publish them (or keep them private your choice) if you want to have an audience of 60.000+ people.
If you are under the age of 18 and find this content inappropriate then you should leave immediately.

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Anonymous said: What country/state/town do you live in?

Will gps coordinates suffice?

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Anonymous said: are you in love with someone? you seem to love a girl when I read "for my baby girl". *-*

Those are old posts.

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Anonymous said: If a guy could make me cum, then provide me with chicken nuggets I'd be the happiest lady alive....

Guys need to get their priorities straight I mean come on? We’re exploring Mars when this lady could be experiencing an orgasm and then have the satisfaction of chicken nuggets in her mouth!

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Anonymous said: Chicken nuggets

I wish I had a fridge full of chicken nuggets right now. Holy shaite. Orgasms and chicken nuggets sounds like a good time to me!

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Anonymous said: Do you think that the people asking you to fuck them, etc are acting ridiculous and "thirsty"?

Nah when I go on my blog I’m in the same mindset so it’s all good

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Anonymous said: Well then Shrek, I wanna give you an ogre-asm... Sorry it's punny, I couldn't help myself!

It’s all ogre now you don’t have to be sorry

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Anonymous said: What's ur ideal figure for a girl

I’m in the mindset of if she’s happy with herself then I’m twice as happy with her

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Anonymous said: Will u fuck me like ur gifs cos I want to be ur kitten

I’m Shrek and this is my swamp

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Anonymous said: Does anybody that you know irl follow you on this blog? If so, does it surprise you that they do?

A few people, and no it doesn’t surprise me at all actually

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Anonymous said: Would you make a girl do a thing she don't wanna do?

Do something she doesn’t want to do? That’s rape and a big nono in my book.

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Anonymous said: Whats the letter of your first name?

D as in dildo

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Anonymous said: What does a vagina taste like?



Mashed potatoes

Should I get instant or real potatoes??

Real. Always real. Keep your filthy powder bag of lies to yourself.

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